Domestic Use.
   "What we do different is what we are."
Adult furniture is almost exclusively single-purpose items
that would be impracticle for most in-home scenes.
We offer you durable, high-quality items that, when possible,
allow for multiple uses - items that can easily be put away, or
disguised in your home as "non-scenery" furniture.
This in no way implies any lack of quality, in fact, our quality
standards are equal, or higher to similar items found elsewhere
...they have to be!  Our entire furniture line is designed and
built by a master craftsman, with decades of experience.

Suggestions / Custom Orders
If you've ever thought, "I wish there was a ...", then we look
forward to hearing from you.  Anything from general to specific
ideas are invited, and we'll do our best to accomodate.
We believe our customers are #1.

Ordering / Payment Methods
While in development, we cannot accept credit cards, directly,
except via PayPal.  Payment via check may also be arrangable,
depending on verifiability.

Stated Purpose
Our products' stated purpose is for novelty decoration and/or
theatrical production purposes.  All proper safe-use considerations
should be followed, and are the user's responsibility.
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